a nonprofit, arts, education, and

community-driven consulting group

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Committed to systemic change

through innovation


& impact

Be Empowered.


Empowered is a ground-breaking consulting group transforming how we think about the arts, education, nonprofits, and community impact.

We believe that when we come together to innovate, create, & solve problems,

we can achieve great things that benefit and transform our communities.

We are committed to systemic change that empowers and uplifts our community.

When we lift one, we lift all.

Core Values

Our core values of altruism, integrity, honesty, creativity, innovation, respect, & community guide everything we do, and we are committed to living these values in our work and in all of our relationships.

Our Focus

Helping hands

Nonprofit Organizations

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Arts & Culture

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Whether you are in the education sector looking to improve educational outcomes, an arts organization seeking ways to deliver culturally responsive programming,

a nonprofit set on pivoting toward the future, or a philanthropic foundation eager to innovate for greater community impact, we are your trusted partners.

Be Empowered, and let us help you advance your vision and mission not only in thought,

but in action.

Box Outline

Empowered Team: Kayla Gatling, Micah Ramirez,

Celia Gottlieb, Jesse Martinez, and Felicia Otero

Consulting Services

Organizational Leadership & Management

• Strategic Planning & Ideation

• Organizational 360° + DEIA 360° Review

• Board Development, Recruitment, & Training

• Professional Development & Training

• Project Management & Execution

• Executive Leadership Coaching & Advising

Program Development

• Program Impact Ideation, Innovation, & Planning

• Program Development & Evaluation

• Curriculum and Lesson Plan Development

• Program 360° + DEIA 360° Review


• Bilingual Marketing and Communications

• Bilingual Videography & Storytelling

• Bilingual Social Media

• Spanish Translation (Specialization in Arts, Culture, & Education)


• Event Planning & Management

• Fundraising 360° Review + Strategic Planning

• Grant Management: Research & Grant writing

• Fundraising Event/Gala Ideation, Planning, & Management

K-12 Family & Community Engagement (FACE)

• District & School FACE Strategic Planning

• District & School FACE Programming, Best Practice, & Evaluation

• Family/Community Liaison Professional Development & Training

• ReachWell: Multilingual Communication Platform + App

Our Clients

Family, School and Community Partnerships

Family Liaison Training Modules

Taste of Mexico at Larimer Square + Fireside at Five

Cultural Advisor &

Event Management

Radical Arts Academy

of Denver

Strategic Planning

& Fundraising

The Word:

A Storytelling Sanctuary

Fundraising &


Butterfly Pavilion

DEIA Strategic Planning & Community Engagement


Market Strategy, Sales & Outreach

DEI Leadership Institute Annual Conference

Outreach, Marketing

& Promotions

Colorado Youth Mariachi Program

Strategic Planning

& Fundraising

Fiesta Colorado Dance Company

Strategic Planning

& Development

Colorado Creatives Industries: Poetry Out Loud

Program Management

& Outreach

Colorado Business Committee for the Arts

Community Listening Sessions & Outreach

El Sistema Colorado

Fundraising &


Colorado Association for Bilingual Educators

Grant Writing &


Chicano Humanities

& Arts Council

Strategic Planning,

Fundraising & Development

Denver American

Indian Festival

Grant Research & Writing


Dynamic Downtown

Denver Grant

Festival Garibaldi: A Celebration of Mariachi & Folklorico

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Client Feature

Colorado Creative Industries is partnering with Empowered to administer the statewide Poetry Out Loud program this year.

Poetry Out Loud is a national arts education program that encourages the study of great poetry through a dynamic recitation competition open to any high school across the U.S.

2024 Poetry Out Loud State Finalist

Rize Simmons

2024 State Champion

Hana Kebede

2024 1st Runner-Up

Lorena Orozco

2024 2nd Runner-Up


Arts & Culture


Work Experience & Impact

  • Led strategic vision for DEIA adoption, practice, and programming
  • Created Award-winning & Nationally recognized Artistic programming
  • Established alliances to address systemic barriers to inequities in the arts
  • Supported strategic efforts around place-based collective impact initiative
  • Reorganized board and bylaws to reposition program for greater impact
  • Researched and developed strategic social media recruitment plan
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  • Established an Office of Family and Community Engagement
  • Developed Family Liaison Training for CDE FSCP Certification
  • Created state recognized FSCP Promising Practices programming
  • Expanded Summer Migrant Youth Leadership Institute over 4 years

Founder & CEO

Beautiful Sunrise in Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado

Grand Junction, Colorado

Jesse Martinez

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CEO/Chief Social Impact Strategist

Jesse Martinez is a Colorado native from Grand Junction. He is the founder and CEO/Chief Social Impact Strategist of Empowered, Ltd. He has over 20+ years of experience in public service and the nonprofit sector. He started his career as an AmeriCorps volunteer serving two years in Mesa County Valley School District #51, supporting the expansion of service-learning across the district.

As a hands-on learner, he has always sought experiences to learn by doing and actively engaging

in solutions-based problem-solving to overcome barriers and deliver impact. Throughout his career, his work has centered on engaging and empowering communities from his time in Denver Public Schools, Adams 14 School District, the Piton Foundation, the Colorado Symphony, the Mexican Cultural Center, and Foothills United Way.

Jesse holds a bachelor’s degree in political sociology from the Metropolitan State University of Denver and a master’s degree in organizational leadership, specializing in project management, from Regis University. He is a doctoral candidate at the University of Colorado—Denver studying Leadership for Educational Equity and the importance of family and community engagement.

Nature Photography of Trees during a Sunset

Empowered's logo allows for a clear and concise representation of the company's mission. The simplified sun symbolizes the core, the essence of empowerment, radiating warmth, light, and energy to inspire positive change.

As a universal symbol, the sun holds immense cultural and historical significance across various civilizations. It represents life, growth, and vitality, making it a fitting choice for a company dedicated to empowering individuals and communities.

The sun's radiating rays symbolize spreading knowledge, inspiration, and positivity aligning perfectly with Empowered's mission.

Beautiful Sunrise in Colorado National Monument in Grand Junction, Colorado

At the heart of Empowered beats an unyielding passion for catalyzing transformation. Our conviction rests on the principle of empowerment -- igniting a passion for change within people and communities.

We hope you'll consider us as a consulting group as you look to empower your community, pivot toward the future, and help deepen your impact.

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